Based on a wide experience and a strong know-how in software architecture, software development and methodologies, we can provide efficient and effective resources to support your bespoke software projects.

Induced by the market, pressure on internal IT increases rapidly. Business stakeholders are more and more demanding for IT solution delivering proficient features shaped to their current and future needs. Meanwhile the IT services have to maintain numerous legacy critical systems consuming a large part of internal resources and hindering their capacity to respond to the business expectations.

Thanks to its consulting capacity and to its development team, Legitime Domains is the ideal partner to realize bespoke software focusing on:

Usability: Legitime Domains approach based on AGILE methodology and on component based software mixes packaged and bespoke approaches and provides result tailored to user requirements with minimum delay.
Stability: thanks to AGILE and test driven development methodologies Legitime Domains reaches a proficient level in quality assurance and delivers on delays stable tested solutions.
Security: Legitime Domains software development services are able to help you mitigate the risk of AGILE methodology. Our bespoke software is delivered at fixed costs according to a proficient protocol including acceptance tests (manual or automated).
Maintainability: Our bespoke solutions are delivered with all the required documentation to be implemented and maintained by the client. Depending on client expectations and capacity we can also provide implementation, training and maintenance services.